Raquel Rodrテュguez Solana


Raquel Rodrテュguez Solana

Position: Postdoctoral researcher

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Academic Degrees
2014: PhD in Chemistry, University of Vigo, Ourense (Spain).
2009: Master in Science and Technology Agrifood, University of Vigo, Ourense (Spain).
2007: Degree in Chemistry, University of Vigo, Vigo (Spain).

Research interests
1.    Evaluation of the biological properties and chemical characterization of raw materials, medicinal and aromatic plants (MAP) and Mediterranean fruits, used in the elaboration of alcoholic beverages and the final product, alcoholic beverages of different agrifood origins.
2.    Assessment of spirits and liqueurs quality considering good manufacturing practices during the elaboration process, from raw material (influence of variety, geographical origin, etc.) through the elaboration process (fermentation, distillation and maceration/percolation steps) to produce the final beverage.
3.    Development of sample pretreatments and analytical methods for chemical characterization.

Scientific and professional activities
2015: Extraordinary Doctorate Award from University of Vigo (Spain).
2014: Post-doctoral fellowship from 窶廡undaテァテ」o para a Ciテェncia e a Tecnologia窶 (FCT) about the study of the traditional liqueurs from Algarve: from raw materials, through the manufacturing process to the final product. University of Algarve (Portugal).
2014: Doctoral Thesis: Study of the process to elaborate beverages with Orujo spirit: from raw materials to the final product. University of Vigo, Ourense (Spain).
2013-2014: (three months). Predoctoral stay at Agricultural University of Athens. Extraction of essential oils from plants by two traditional techniques and analysis of their components by gas chromatography and spectroscopic techniques.
2011-2013: Fellowship at the Support Center for Scientific and Technological Research (CACTI), University of Vigo, Ourense (Spain). Training in the determination of minerals by flame atomic absorption/emission spectroscopy (FAAS/FAES) and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), elemental analysis of soil and plants and preparation of samples for analysis.
2007: Fellowship 窶弋echnologists training and support personnel in agricultural research units of the Directorate General for Research, Technology and Training Agroforestry窶 at the Viticulture and Enology Station of Galicia, Ministry of Rural, Xunta de Galicia (Spain).